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Alison Finlay McMullin

Alison Finlay is a fine art painter and ceramic artist living in Toronto, Canada. To see ceramics, click HERE.

Edible is a series of forty paintings drawn from my personal exploration of wild edible plants of Southern Ontario. They aim to combine botanical accuracy with painterly expression of colour, light and place. Each painting is rendered in acrylic on canvas and is 4" x 4".

Motherwort 4x4"
Woodland Sunflower 4x4"

Alison Finlay was educated at the Ontario College of Art and the University of Guelph, in Ontario, Canada, and in the galleries, cities and natural places of the world. She lives now in a little pocket of the city of Toronto, with a wide river, and a small woods and all the natural beauty of the seasons.


Packham's Pear